Upgrade Your Backyard With a Beautiful Pavilion

Upgrade Your Backyard With a Beautiful Pavilion

We build pergolas, pavilions and patios in Belton, TX

You've always wanted a hot tub, but you don't just want to place one in the middle of your yard. Transform your outdoor living space with a pavilion-it'll be the perfect space for your new hot tub. Hot Tubs of Central Texas installs patios, pergolas and pavilions for homeowners in Belton, TX. We know how to build outdoor spaces that can support your hot tub and improve the appearance of your backyard.

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Don't put your hot tub on your lawn

It might be tempting to just place your hot tub in whatever spot is available. But this equipment needs proper care to prevent problems down the road. We suggest placing your hot tub on a patio.

Patios are a great option for hot tubs because they…

  • Support your hot tub so it doesn’t sink into the ground
  • Keep water away from your house to prevent potential water damage
  • Make sure your hot tub is level so it doesn’t crack

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